Our Purpose is to contribute to the overall understanding of how to promote meaningful lives of well-being among Elders and persuading policy makers that such programming is essential to healthy old age.


Linda Duncan Davis, Gerontologist CoFounder/Executive Director

 A life-long love of music, art and nature drives the basis of Linda Davis' three decades of work with low-income Elders. Davis has advanced knowledge about and has directly worked with  persons with Alzheimer's Disease.  She also spent 13 years as Assistant Vice President of a HUD  affordable senior housing management company serving an estimate of  15,000 Elders located in 22 states. Davis developed and managed a Service Coordination Program and a nationally recognized Quality Assurance Department.  Davis' award winning work in the arts and aging has received national recognition.


Helen Kivnick, Ph.D. CoFounder/ Vice President

 Helen Kivnick has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Michigan and is a professor of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. In  her book, Vital Involvement in Old Age (1986), Dr. Kivnick collaborated with Erik Erikson in re-conceptualizing his theory of lifelong psychosocial development to permit psychosocial health at each stage of the life cycle.  Kivnick develops, implements, and teaches direct practice modalities that promote psychosocial health in culturally diverse communities.


Marvin Hardiman, President


Joyce Cunningham, Treasurer/Secretary