Aging, Wellness and the Arts ™

Promoting the arts and Vital Involvement practice as a means to promote health and engagement in  life to its fullest

 Our Purpose is to contribute to the overall understanding of how to promote meaningful lives of well-being among Elders and persuading policy makers that such programming is essential to healthy old age. 

Our Mission


To promote the arts and Vital Involvement as health programming through non-profit social services practice for low-income older adults living in independent settings as a means to promote aging and thriving in place.

We believe all people have a right to:

*Healthy Aging


Elders empower and support each other in sharing their passions and interests


Creativity and meaningful life are essential to healthy aging

*Meaningful Life


Promoting individual strengths that enable Elders to make concrete contributions to family, friends and community 



Focused on the whole person's strengths and abilities;  opportunities in creativity should be available to all Elders regardless of socio-economic status




Our Values


 Conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical


Help people find the strength they have within themselves


Provide training and technical support to create inclusive communities through Art and Vital Involvement Practice

A Non-Profit Supporting the Power of creativity and ability to live meaningful lives at all ages

Our Partners